View Full Version : Hard Chrome Plating

July 6, 1999, 10:17 PM
Can anyone recommend a chrome plater that does quality work from personal experience?

Rosco Benson
July 7, 1999, 07:16 AM
Checkmate in Brooksville, Florida.


July 7, 1999, 07:48 AM
Accurate Plating and Weaponry in Florida.

George Stringer
July 7, 1999, 09:31 AM
EQ, I don't do chrome in my shop. I farm those jobs to Checkmate. Reasonable prices and very reasonable turnaround. Their number is(352) 799-5774. George

Mike Baugh
July 7, 1999, 01:11 PM
I have had several 1911's hardchromed by Metaloy in Berryville Arkansas . They do a good job and the price is reasonable , $115 for a 1911 and 1 mag . Make sure you have all your metalwork done first , the smallest imperfection will show through . Good luck , Mike...

July 8, 1999, 03:37 PM
I've had good luck with Metalife Industries in PA. Have 4 guns with the finish. Last I paid was $105 for a 1911. Turned out great - shiny flats and matte everywhere else.
You can call Ron Mahovsky (the owner) at 814-436-7747. Only thing bad is the wait - around 3-4 weeks.