View Full Version : Checking the timing on a S&W

July 6, 1999, 04:41 PM
I am in the market for a used revolver and want to make sure that i am testing the timin correctly. These are the techniques that I know to check the timing on a S&W.

1. If it is DA/SA, thumb cock the hammer on each cylinder. The cylinder stop should lock into the groove on the cylinder prior to the hammer locking into position for SA fire.

2. Load the cylinder with armorer's dummies. Dry fire the revolver on all six shots. Between each shot, check the cylinder to ensure that it is locked with the cylinder stop.

Are these techniques valid, is one better than the other, are there better ways to test? Thanks.

George Stringer
July 7, 1999, 09:27 AM
Macoute, you have the last area to look for in your timing check pretty well down. But, you also need to make sure that the beginning of the timing cycle is correct. Hold the cylinder lightly just to add a little resistance, pull the trigger and observe the action of the bolt and the hand. The bolt should drop free of the cylinder before the hand begins to turn the rachet. George

James K
July 7, 1999, 11:00 AM
Also, do a quick eyeball check of the barrel cylinder gap; it should be .004 -.006. (Your eyeballs are calibrated to .001", aren't they? Actually, when you look at a few guns, you can actually tell, without a gage.) On a heavy caliber gun, check the rear of the barrel for cracks. Check that everything works OK in both DA and SA.

Good luck.


July 8, 1999, 10:33 AM
In addition to what's been said above I also take a close look at the ejector rod and side plate screws. If anything is boogerd, that means an amature has been in the gun's inerds and I pass on it. IMHO.