View Full Version : West End Gun Club Tactical Rifle Match 11-20

November 12, 2005, 01:17 AM
Hey Men.
Not sure any of shoot tactical rifle matches here in Southern California, however if you do and would like to test your shooting skills out to 500 yards and unknown distances, you should come out to this Tactical Rifle Match held at West End Gun Club. The date is set for November 20th and starts at 0800 on the 500 yard firing line. I believe we will be going monthly with it as well. It's on the third sunday of the odd month's but may be going monthly.

We will be doing shooting from slabs, uneven ground and using props. 60 rounds is all you will need. .308 Tactical Rifles is mostly what's out there, but others are allowed. This is primarily a Manual Bolt Action Rifle Match. Cost is $20.00 per entry and there is a side match for $10.00, the prize is a Leupold Pocket Spotting Scope 10x20x50.

If you want more info hit my website below and shoot me an e-mail from there. Hope you can make it.

Spaniard...aka Mark Archuleta:)