View Full Version : Trigger creep on ar-15

July 2, 1999, 10:24 PM
I have a colt pre-ban sporter with bad trigger creep. It seems that I can pull the trigger at least an 1/8 of an inch before it breaks. Is there anything that I can do or should I take it to a gun smith to have it adjusted ?

July 4, 1999, 07:56 AM
I know this sounds half-baked, but one of my Colt Flattops had a certain amount of creep, which stopped just before the trigger broke. I could begin to take up the slack, carefully trying to feel the creep, and as soon as the creep reached a certain point, I would hold that pressure, then recheck sight alignment, and could then break the shot. It worked like a poor-man's 2-stage trigger. If your trigger is bad enough, rather than get it worked on and risk malfunction afterwards, I'd send it to Frank White at Compass Lake Engineering, and have him install his 2-stage trigger. You'll like it, and the price is $125, which is really quite reasonable.

July 4, 1999, 08:22 AM

I had the same idea on using the creep for take up before the break, but in seems that the amount of pull to break the trigger is differant each time. Probably will go with a two stage trigger just don't like sending my gun thru the mail would rather find someone local.


George Stringer
July 4, 1999, 08:57 AM
Timberwolf, you may be able to help yourself here. You can polish the sides of the trigger where it might bear against another part. I'm not talking about engagement surfaces, but the sides of the parts. If yours has a different pull weight every time it sounds like you may have some burrs or rough spots that are causing the creep. Get rid of them and you may have a "brand new" trigger. George

July 4, 1999, 11:52 AM
Thanks for the advise guys. Will take it to a local gun smith thats familar with ar's.