View Full Version : Beretta 300 series stock on a model 1200?

November 10, 2005, 08:36 AM
I own an older Beretta model 1200, probably 20-25 years old, which I purchased in order to shoot trap.(This gun is nothing like the current 1201 tactical gun Beretta offer).My problem is the field stock beats the crud out of my cheek after 50 rounds and I want to install a target stock. Does any one know if a target stock that fits the series 300 gas semi-autos (the only target stocks I can find) will fit, or can be made to fit my recoil-auto 1200? The receivers appear to be nearly identical, and as both models use the same kind of spacer block which effects cast and drop the question seems to be one of dimensions of the receivers at the point of contact with the stock. But without having them in both in hand I can't really tell.