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June 13, 1999, 10:54 PM
The first 2500 rounds through my 10/22 went flawlessly. However, since then I have had nothing but problems. I sent it to Ruger 5 times for failure to feed at (usually) the second or third round. It was finally fixed (I guess) but now it stovepipes (?) frequently. A spent shell will be jammed between the bolt and receiver with a live round half chambered but when pulling the bolt back slightly and clearing the spent shell and then closing the bolt, the rifle is not cocked. Anyone any ideas what is going on?

4V50 Gary
June 13, 1999, 11:54 PM

The failure to eject or cock the hammer suggests underfunction. That is, there's not enough energy from the spent round to function the action. Likewise, there could be something mechanically wrong which prevents the normal operation of the firearm. Here are some suggestions:

What brand of ammo and have you tried different brands? Sometimes guns can be ammo sensitive. Guns, like their owners, develop allergies too. Switch ammo and try different types to see if it still malfunctions.

For testing purposes, use only a factory magazine. Aftermarket magazines with non-metal or non-spec feed lips may be causing the malfunctions.

How clean is the firearm? My friend's 10/22 wouldn't feed without locking up. Turns out he never cleaned it for over five years of regular shooting. All that fouling finally affected the function. We laughed over about his griping and stupid us, should have told him it was broken and offered him $50 bucks for it b/c we're his buds! Make sure that chamber is clean.

Check the straightness of the recoil spring guide rod. If it's tweaked, it could slow down the motion of the bolt such that it'll jam.

Have a gunsmith check the chamber with a go and no-go gauge. The chamber may also need a little polishing if the tolerances are so tight that a bit of dirt from 3 rounds induces a jam.

That's all the suggestions which my sun-soaked brain can presently spew out. May come back with more later.

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Bill Hebert
June 22, 1999, 03:17 PM
On a "good" Sunday afternoon, my son and I can easily shoot a several bricks of 22's through our 10/22. After 1/2 brick we sometimes get the misfeeds like you describe. Without exception, the problem is residue buildup and a good cleaning solves the problem. It seems like the cheaper the ammo, the greater the fouling- I get Federal ammo at Wal-Mart for 96 cents/box and it consistently causes the problem. The Remington's cost about $1.29/box and seem to produce the least probs. When you shoot as much as we do, we can "put up " with a few jams as long as we're not in timed competition... Good luck and let us know how things turn out. P.S. the 10/22 is the most reliable 22 I've ever shot (other than single shot bolts) and I've sold all my others...I now have two 10/22's. Keep 'em clean...

June 22, 1999, 10:23 PM
Thanks for your comments. I have shot the 10/22 two times since I posted. I cleaned the action (not the chamber) very carefully before shooting the second time. It shot quite well but had 3 or 4 stovepipes with 100 shots. I tried two types of ammo, only one of which caused jams--fairly expensive Federal hollowpoints. The cheap Remington worked great. I cleaned it again. The next time, it stovepiped the first four or five shots. Oddly, after 30 rounds it didn't stovepipe the rest of the day. Go figure!