View Full Version : Dry-fire mods for Glock?

May 25, 1999, 05:28 PM
Other than tying a string to the slide and yanking it between shots to re-set the striker, what can be done to make a Glock dry-fire like a revolver?

I've seen and handled one of those laser dry-fire modules, but don't want to spend the big bucks (*surprise, surprise*) on more training goodies than I need right now.

Seems like some sorta trigger return spring and a way of keeping the striker from going fully forward might do the trick.

Any clues, friends?

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Rob Pincus
June 10, 1999, 02:51 PM
The Glocks cannot be modified in any way that I know of, besides those CO2 based Recoil things for the laser simulators...


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June 14, 1999, 10:20 AM
I did try out a laser-based unit in August 1998. No CO2, just a re-setting trigger. The product literature made mention of a dry fire "module", which I presume to be a replacement of perhaps the trigger assembly in the frame, perhaps even to include the trigger bar.

It was expensive. I don't want the whole laser system--just a way to dry-fire.

Maybe I just shouldn't buy that Glock...stick to revolvers and get a 7- or 8-shot unit...

Axel Yup
June 21, 1999, 09:29 PM
Beamhit (www.beamhit.com, 800-beamhit) can perform a conversion on a Glock which will allow for repeat dry firing. You don't need to purchase the laser system for this conversion, but the conversion is semi-permanent. You would have them install or remove it, and the conversion blocks the firing pin. This would be useful if you can get an inexpensive used Glock for dedicated dry firing. Cost of the conversion is $175.