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June 12, 1999, 09:40 PM
Hi All,

I'm new here and found nothing on this subject by searching... so sorry if it's been covered.

I'm thinking about changing the barrel on my NHM-91 to a MAK-90 barrel. The NHM is too long.

It looks as if the barrel / upper reciever assembly is held in place with three pins that have peened heads on both (?) sides of the receiver. I assume that the heads will have to be chopped off to remove the current barrel... is this the case?

Also, is it possible to change the pins from the peened to a friction fit pin such as the AR rifles use? If not where can I get some of the standard pins?

Any other considerations to making the change? All comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

By the way, I have a MAK-90 parts kit which has the barrel / upper, gas piston / bolt carrier and bolt.

Thanks & Happy Shooting!

4V50 Gary
June 14, 1999, 09:59 AM
It's my understanding that AK barrels are pressed fit in. Sorry but I can't tell you the poundage required to accomplish this - or even the removal of an AK barrel. Somebody?

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June 14, 1999, 02:32 PM
Thanks Gary!

I have found a little more info on the subject. The barrel is indeed pressed in. In fact, I guess you need to heat up the receiver to get it in.

I was hopping that this would not be an issue, since I have the "upper" unit, but the pins must be peened into place with the barrel removed.

I like the AK design, but have been spoiled by the modular set up on my AR. I think the cost and risk of damage far out weighs the advantage of the short barrel.

Happy shooting!

June 16, 1999, 02:33 PM
Some AK barrels are threaded (Romanian and CommBloc I believe), some are pressed (Egyptian), and some are pinned (Chinese).

Check out this page also: http://www.ak-47.net/ak47/nhm91.html

The History Channel is running the special on the AK series rifles on, "The History of the Gun" this Sunday night! Be there!

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June 21, 1999, 12:45 PM
theres one pin holding the barrel in place,
the 2 other pins hold barrel trunion into
receiver, if you use heat you will ruin the
trunion, I've beat the barrel out of a AKS
because it was rusted beyond shooting, to put
new barrel in you have to get right diameter
barrel, 17mm for chinese,23mm for euro, you
can buff the barrel where it enters trunion,
use STP, but its still a solid press fit in,
I used a vise and hydraulic press to push barrel in,theres several sites for Klasnikov
rifles, all have past posts that tell exactly
what you need, parts can be had from AAOK,
K-VAR, Paul the SKSman, , the one place
you should try is WTS/WTB AK web board for parts, I buy parts now cause they will be
hard to find latter with new gun laws.