View Full Version : Simmons Model #1002 4x15....

November 8, 2005, 10:56 PM
I have a Simmons Model #1002 4x15 rifle scope that I got about forever and a half ago, from my parents as a gift. They had bought it at a local Woolworth store (out-of-business now) for about $11.00 for my Crossman 1600 Powermatic BB gun when I was a boy, and it worked for that just fine, but now we're in the big-leagues...

Is this thing worth anything? Not money, but worth keeping for a rifle when I get one? Or is it not enough magnification for anything? Please let me know, because I have no idea about scopes. What does the 4x15 actually mean in the optics world? It's got the lock rings, windage and elevation dials, and a Simmons speed focus.

Thanks in advance.