View Full Version : Florida CWP under WFTV's eyes

November 8, 2005, 06:37 PM

I saw 2 blazing incorrect statments.

"Concealed weapons aren't allowed in bars or other liquor licensed businesses."

The bars part is true but I just came home from Outback. I just didnt walk through the bar area and I had a drink.

"That worries many people, especially now that Florida law allows the use of
deadly force if someone feels their life or property is being threatened."

Its news to me if I can defend my property...

Also " The license costs about $100." when it is $117+class costing useually around $40. Trying to make it sound cheaper?

But I give them credit
""People who carry guns are not out there starting things. They're taking care of themselves in something somebody else starts," said Steven Hogkinson."

""I think it's mostly for safety, just knowing you have protection. Especially being a woman," said permit applicant Venus Gorospe."