View Full Version : Highpoint Trigger Work

June 10, 1999, 08:09 AM
Does anybody know the proper way to reduce the trigger pull or otherwise improve the trigger pull on a Highpoint 9MM carbine? Mine, and all others that I've shot had horrible, long and hard trigger pulls.

I'm not looking for a 2 lb. hair trigger, just something around 4-5 lbs.



George Stringer
June 10, 1999, 09:32 PM
Albin, there are several things you can do to make the trigger feel better and lighter while it won't actually lighten the pull. One thing that will is a lighter trigger spring. But you can only go so far there. The spring has to have enough power to reset the trigger. Most of the improvement will come from polishing the sides, NOT THE ENGAGEMENT SURFACES, but the sides of the trigger bar and cam where they rub against the frame and grip. Check the sear body and the hole it sits in for burrs or rough spots and polish if necessary, but, again, not the sear/firing pin engagement. Basically that's about all you can do. But, smoother usually translates into lighter where triggers are concerened. George