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May 22, 1999, 07:29 AM
Have a s&w 625 with black on black adj sights.Its very hard for my old eyes to focus quickly.I find I can get on target faster with a smith with non adj sights.Are there many choices on the market or cuctom smiths that can build a better sight ? would it be possible to adapt an auto sight such as novak or heinie or wilson [non adj type]to the s&w 625?


May 23, 1999, 01:34 AM
A fairly inexpensive fix is to have a gunsmith put an orange insert in the blade.. of the front sight.....fubsy.

George Stringer
May 23, 1999, 09:12 AM
Harold, I agree with fusby. You'd be hard pressed to find a sight that gives a better sight picture than the Smith & Wesson adj. I put this inserts in the front sights for $25 and I'm sure that your local smith would do it for a similar price. George

May 23, 1999, 01:46 PM
Putting a front sight from an auto wouldn't be that difficult, but putting a rear sight from an auto on a revolver would be pretty hard. There are a few ways to do it, but I'm not sure if anyone out there would do it.

Rosco Benson
May 24, 1999, 07:18 AM
In the current issue of Combat Handguns magazine, Walt Rauch's column contains a review of a S&W 686 customized by Cylinder and Slide. This revolver is fitted with a fixed rear sight which mounts in place of the S&W adjustable and offers a more snag-free and rugged rear sight. A dovetailed front sight has been installed to permit windage adjustments (elevation adjustments would be accomplished by choosing the proper height front sight). This may be just what you're looking for. Cylinder and Slide has a website (www.cylinder-slide.com, I think).


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Tom B
May 26, 1999, 05:52 AM
Meprolite makes a night sight for S&W revolvers which give a much better sight picture than the stock sights. I have used them and you can easily install them yourself.