View Full Version : SMC .380 Magazine disconnects

Joe 543
May 14, 1999, 09:41 AM
In a moment of stupidity I bought a SMC .380.
My question to all the gunsmiths is this. When I fire this piece of shi# fishing weight the magazine keeps popping out. How can I cure this? I'm not touching the mag release or anything like that. Even when I dry fire the same thing occurs.

Thank you!

George Stringer
May 14, 1999, 06:09 PM
Joe, take a look at whatever system this pistol employs as a magazine catch. It it is a push button style and the catch itself appears to be long enough to do the job, you may need to open the hole in the mag a little. Usually a few strokes with a file on the top lip of the hole will be enough. If it is one that has the release under the magazine it is spring operated. You might try bending the spring that controls it to force the catch to engage better. George