View Full Version : Para-Ord gunsmith in CT/NY?

John G
May 11, 1999, 04:50 PM
My buddy has a Para-Ord p14-45, and is thinking about reliability work. He lives in CT, I'm in upstate NY. Either location is good, any suggestions?

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May 12, 1999, 11:46 AM
Try Shooters Supply, 2 East Main, Bloomfield, NY 14469 ((716) 657-7055). Their gunsmith, Ron ((716) 317-7284), is a Para-Ord specialist. I talked to him today about problem I am having with my Ballester-Molina .45 ACP and I am going to send it up to them. According to their ad in Shotgun News the cost is $89.95 for ALL problems. They have a website at www.handgunrepair.com but it is down right now.