View Full Version : H&K P9S .45 combat model tirgger modification

April 30, 1999, 04:41 PM
I have 2 H&K's one a combat model with fixed sights and non adj. trigger; the other is a target model w/ adj sights and a superb adj. trigger.My combat model has a terrible trigger and I cannot find a gunsmith familiar enough to comfortably work on it.I was wondering if the parts that make the target version adjustable(screw, etc.) could be obtained and installed on the combat model by a gunsmith?
The combat model is my carry gun with night sights installed.I was considering exchanging the slides to accomplish my goal(nice trigger and NS)but don't know if this would damage the guns any.My target version is superbly accurate but has a very high sharp post front sight and a fragile rear sight assembly which negates it as my carry gun.
Any insight would be appreciated.

Thank you!


George Stringer
May 2, 1999, 12:43 PM
DDS, when it comes to modifications of this type there is almost nothing that can't be done. Finding someone with the experience to do it is something else again. I've done trigger work on HK's and there isn't really anything tricky about it, but making the modification of the trigger from combat to adjustable target might require a trip to the factory. Some companies are a little gunshy when it comes to selling parts to alter triggers. S&W for instance will be more than happy to convert a DA/SA pistol to DA only but they won't sell the parts for the conversion due to fear of liability. George