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November 3, 2005, 07:32 PM
Hello all. I'm new in the "neighborhood"; please pardon me if I've posted my question in an inappropriate forum.

After many years of being in my family, a nicely hand-engraved Savage Super Sporter bolt action 30-06 Springfield rifle has come my way. It belonged to my grandfather, who I remember having had it as far back as perhaps the late 60's(?). I shot it often in my teens, back in the early 70's, and always found it to be a very responsive and accurate rifle.

Since it passed to me, I've tried to find information about this model, but there seems to be very little of it, indeed. The only information on the barrel is:

"Hi-Pressure Steel-Proof Tested"

".30-'06 Springfield"

"Savage Super Sporter"


Can someone provide me with a little info about this Super Sporter model, or where I mind find data?

Thanks to all in advance.

Jim Watson
November 3, 2005, 11:13 PM
Older than you might think.
The Savage Super Sporter was made from 1928 til 1940, or 1942, depending on which page of Blue Book you look at. Sorry, I don't have serial number information to tie it down to which year. Kind of an enconomy model after they dropped the Model 20. It has a rear locking bolt, but a good stout one to hold the '06. Blue Book says only about 6000 of the Model 45 Super Sporters were made, and 16,000 of the plain finish Model 40s - much of their run was during the Depression. They are not common at the gun shows and stores but there seems to be not much collector interest, though.

Engraving would almost certainly be aftermarket and probably would not do a whole lot for the dollar value but certainly adds interest to a family heirloom.

November 4, 2005, 07:36 AM
Jim, thank you for your informative reply. I'm quite surprised at the age of the Super Sporter. It being an item that has been in my family for many years, I have an understandable attachment to and affection for it. Perhaps it's time to invest in a new .30-06 workhorse and put this one out to pasture. Thanks again...I knew I'd find the answers to my questions here.