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March 24, 1999, 08:12 PM
Hello to all,
I just purchased a new 1895ss 45/70 with the intention of building a scout. I liked the comfort of the curved pistol grip. The difference between the Guide Gun & the rifle is only 12 oz. & 3.5" OAL.
I have been looking at the various options/mods available from both Wild West & Brockman.
So far, I am considering the following from Wild West Guns in Alaska...
1. Big loop lever.
2. Ghost ring rear??, fiber optic front.
3. Action tuning.

And from Brockman..
Extended magazine. He states that he can cut/crown the barrel to 20", install his
extended magazine tube and increase capacity to 6 rounds.

I see no use for a compensator or muzzle brake.

My questions are these.
1. What do I truly gain with this particular rifle/caliber combo by going to the Scout Scope set-up as opposed to using high visibility peep sights? How does the factory stock position your eye for Scout Scope use?

2.Who builds the better Scout Scope mounting system, Brockman (steel) or WW (aluminum)?
I would use the Leupold IER scope.

3.For those of you who have seen both, do I gain much by using a WW ghost ring sight as opposed to using a Lyman or Williams receiver mounted peep with the aperature removed? What do you think of the high visibility fiber optic front sight?

4.Does anyone have any suggestions for a source of matte black or gray epoxy paint.
I was thinking of recontouring the stock & forearm & painting them, rather than using Tru-oil.

5.Any comments about the companies themselves or the quality of their work?

In closing, I don't mind spending the money if there is a definite use for the particular accessory/modification. I hope someone has seen some of these modifications and can please advise me.

George Stringer
March 25, 1999, 09:57 AM
Ranger1, this is just my opinion. All things like this are personal preference, but for this type of rifle I much prefer the ghostring rear to a scope whether scout or conventional mounting is used. The Williams Fire Sight would be a great choice for the front. At the ranges the rifle/cartridge combo would be used at I think a scope would hinder quick shots. I haven't shot the Guide Gun yet but the stock is like any other Marlin lever action and not really made to put your eye in line with a scope. I like the idea of the "Big Loop" lever and the action tuning will definitely improve the functioning or make it smoother I should say. I haven't seen anything closeup done by Brockman so I can't really comment on his work. Brownells (515) 623-5401 sells stock paint in various colors. I hope you will post when the project is complete and let everyone know what you did, why and how it turned out. George

March 26, 1999, 05:41 AM
Hello George,
I will advise the forum as I go through the process.
Thanks for the advice,

March 28, 1999, 01:22 AM
Hey fellas, sorry to say, I have no answers, just one simple question. Why does the Guide Gun have the straight grip instead of the curved pistol grip? Is there some advantage to this configuration? Thanks

April 9, 1999, 05:36 PM
I got a can of gray epoxy paint with grit from MPI stocks. Likely Brownell's sells the same stuff. It works great for a non-slip finish on stocks.

My only problem with iron sights is poor visibility in low light. I've hunted quite a lot with a ghost ring sight, and you definitely lose hunting hours vs optic sights. I have no experience with a tritium-type front sight, however.

I'd definitely get the scout scope mount, then you can use it or not after some testing.

April 14, 1999, 08:37 PM
Would have to know intended use of gun to answer sight question. If you are hunting game for which the 45-70 is appropriate, then I bet the ghost ring (a good, proper ghost ring) would be the ticket. Considering the cartridge's ballistics, you need to be in iron sight range I say.