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November 1, 2005, 05:44 PM
Hi, all

I'm new to this forum, thanks for accepting me and listening to my thoughts :)

I have a really challenging question to start: I would like to have a civillian, heavy barrel, preferably bolt-action, rifle in caliber 5.45 x 39. This caliber is of course most known to be food for the infamous AK 74 and other russian military rifles. Why on earth, do you say, when there are many other calibers able to match and even exceed the performance of this caliber? Well, I have my reasons, albeit not rational. I vould like to test with you people if it's possible.

Such a rifle seems to be almost impossible to obtain, which leads me to my question:

What caliber rifle, if any, is possible to convert to 5.45 x 39 by a skilled gunsmith? The actual diameter of this caliber is 5.65 mm, which means a .222 bullet. The actual lenght of the case is 39,5 mm. Which caliber comes closest?

All help and discussion appreciated.


November 1, 2005, 06:43 PM
If you can find the prints to the chamber or make a cast of the chamber of an existing rifle, then there are several reamer makers that can make a reamer to cut the chamber for you. Then it is a matter of having the .222 barrel chambered for you. You could use any known rifle maker receiver to build the rifle with.

If you are trying to build one similar to it, a 7.62x39mm case necked down may give you what you are looking for. I have no idea of what the parent case is, but I think the 7.62x39mm is the parent case of several fine rifle cartridges, especially the 6mmppc.

Just be prepared to spend a good bit extra on the reamer if it has to be made for you. Do a google on the different remamer makers and you should find several that will make a reamer for you. You may find one that has the reamer already in production.

November 7, 2005, 10:54 AM
Thank you for that excellent advice on the reamer. Doing a Google, it turns out that reamers are already available for reasonable prices. Great advice :)