View Full Version : Tritium Sights for S&W 342 Ti?

Axel Yup
March 19, 1999, 02:44 PM
I am seriously considering purchasing the S&W 342 Ti Airlite Centennial revolver. Unfortunately, I have to wait until the Maryland Handgun Roster Board approves it for sale (Hopefully in April).

I have been researching gunsmithing work for it. I would like two color three dot night sights for it like I have on my S&W 686 Plus. Ted Yost at Gunsite told me that because the 342 has an aluminum frame and barrel shroud that night sights cannot be installed. Teddy Jacobson is of the opinion that the sights are too small for night sights to be effective.

The gun has a pinned front sight on the barrel shroud. Can a tritium front sight be added?

I would appreciate any input.


George Stringer
March 20, 1999, 12:43 AM
Axel, contact the folks at Innovative Weaponry Inc www.ptnightsights.com (http://www.ptnightsights.com) and see what they have to say. If there's a way to do it, they'll know it. George

March 21, 1999, 10:40 AM
I have a S&W 642 which is similar in design to the 342. I also didn't really care for the sight arrangement, or lack thereof. You might want to consider getting a set of Crimson Trace laser handgrips instead of the night sight. I installed some on my 642 and it made a big difference.