View Full Version : Match barrels for Glocks

Tom B
February 16, 1999, 11:54 AM
I am interested in info or experiences with drop in match barrels in glocks.How much accuracy improvements,fitting or reliability problems? Which brand is best?

Patrick Seeber
February 20, 1999, 11:25 PM

I'm with Tom... Are they worth the $$$? Who is the best?


Gun Plumber
February 21, 1999, 02:07 AM
I fit a Wilson match barrel in my Glock 23. It gave 1 and 1/2" to 2" tighter groupes depending on what ammo I use. The hood required a bit of work, but I got a nice tight fit. reliablity has been fine, I'm very pleased with the outcome.

February 24, 1999, 11:23 PM
I have seen match barrels from Wilson's, Bar-Sto, and Olymic Arms. Been curious myself on how much more accurate you can make the perfect "combat" pistol!

For information or prices check out the following websites:

If anything, I will most likely add the 6 inch factory G20 barrel to my collection.

Tom B
March 1, 1999, 01:36 PM
Follow-up: I installed the Bar Sto drop in barrel in the Glock 22. The fit was excellent. I put 400 rounds of FMJ and JHP this week and reliability was 100%. Accuracy improved over the stock barrel by over an inch.

March 19, 1999, 09:52 PM
Went with a Jarvis for my G20 and am having them fit it -- I'm tired of fitting "drop-in" barrels myself. It's hard !
I've had three other barrels hard-fit by pros; worth every cent. I've fit three drop-ins with good results -- it's just tedious and time-consuming.