View Full Version : Winchester 94 in .44 mag

February 24, 1999, 10:37 AM
I was looking at a friend's Winchester 94 in .44 mag the other day. Well in truth I was looking to buy. He needs the money and I can not resist a good gun. The gun looks used but not abused.

While examining it I found some interesting features or maybe they are problems. The gun has been in his closet for a few years since he bought it at a gun show.

I determined with a round in the chamber ready to fire, with the hammer down or back, I can not put another round in the guns magazine through the side panel. If I move the lever down to open the chamber a half inch I am able to load the gun easily. At this point the last round I load wants to slide back so it is ready to be loaded into the chamber.

The other think I found funny is the trigger feels loose. I can get sideways movement from the trigger.

Not being very familiar with lever action guns, (the only other lever gun I shoot is a Browning in 45-70) is there a good book or two I should get


George Stringer
February 25, 1999, 09:23 AM
ddunn, the 94 is designed to load with the action completely closed, so I would rate that as a problem. The trigger will probably have a little slop in it side to side but this too should be looked at. If you want the rifle, you might try to get the owner to have these things repaired before buying or possibly negotiate the price to a point where you can get them fixed. George