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February 15, 1999, 08:04 PM
I just bought a pre-ban Car15 and tried shooting it the other day and almost every round failed to eject and jammed the bolt. Could it be the ammunition? I tried different clips with no luck. Rings were offset. Is it possible the key could be leaking? The gun is clean. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou

Michael Carlin
February 15, 1999, 11:23 PM
It sounds as though the ejector spring may be the culprit. Check to insure that the ejector plunger has good tension on it ans moves freely.

Check the Bolt to insure that the key is tight and mates correctly with the gas tube.

You should also check to insure that the gas port is present and free on obstruction.

(Don't laugh, a National Match M1A was shipped by one of the top guns to a fellow who brought it to Bruce Woodford. Complaint: wont't function. Diagnosis, no gas port drilled in barrel!)

Finally, I am not familiar with the CAR version, is it possible that an incorrect spring or buffer is being used in the CAR?

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Harley Nolden
February 16, 1999, 07:50 PM
I would have to agree on the ejector spring. Check to see if there is a small plastic buffer in or under the spring. Last time I checked or had this difficulty that is what it was. This seems to strengthen the ejector.


Harley Nolden
February 16, 1999, 07:54 PM
Check the gas rings:

Take the bolt and carrier out of the weapon. Push the bolt full in. Take hold of the bolt with two fingers with the carrier hanging down. If the rings hold the carrier the rings are not the problem.

Take a pipe cleaner and clean out the gas link on top of the carrier.


February 17, 1999, 03:36 AM
does it extract, and just not eject or does it not extract. to make sure with one rnd in the mag does it lock open? or does it leave the brass in the chamber? tell me more ill try to help

February 17, 1999, 08:09 AM
Hi Pat and thanks to everyone for the replies. It does extract and does not eject the spent cases. Doing it by hand, it works just fine.I tried Harley's suggestion with the bolt and the rings seem fine.

February 17, 1999, 10:35 AM
It sounds like a weak extractor spring, check your local gunshop and see if they have any (they are very cheap). Have you been to www.ar15.com (http://www.ar15.com) discussion forum? This is a great site for any question/problem with any AR-15 rifle or accessory.

February 17, 1999, 03:41 PM
like Hiker i think you need to change the springs but i would change bothe the extrac and eject springs they are cheap as mentioned and its painless unless you launch the ejector plunger across the shop and cant find it. work with a fluffed up towell in front of the bolt as you punch the pin out so you will have a bacstop for the flying parts.. good luck pat

Panzer D6
February 18, 1999, 08:37 PM
Don't forget about the Extractor itself. I once built an AR-15 kitgun which failed to extract properly. Since it was new, I dismissed spring problems, and went straight for the extractor. After removal and inspection, I discovered the notch that hooks the cartridge rim was too narrow. A replacement gave perfect function.

Good luck,

Panzer D6