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February 9, 1999, 01:14 PM
OK. Since we have a good discussion on custom 1911s going, what thoughts do you guys have on the Barrel Bushing Compensators? You know, the ones that replace the bushing and are only in position during lockup. I was looking into getting one for my Gov't model. -SCatt

Michael Carlin
February 9, 1999, 03:57 PM

It is my opinion that in a .45 acp, the compensator is of limited usefulness, and a bushing compensator even more so.

If you want to spend the few dollars as an experiment, that would be fine, but if you expect a significant recoil reduction, I think you will be disappointed.

just my .02 worth ;)

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Daniel Watters
February 9, 1999, 04:13 PM
Bushing comps are a waste of money. They are expensive bushings and poor compensators.

The effectiveness of a comp is determined by its ability to trap and redirect the expanding gases. To do this, the exit holes for the bullet should be kept as narrow as possible. A bushing comp is limited by the large exit hole required to allow the barrel to pass through. The exit hole on a fixed comp is limited only to the diameter the bullet.

To give an example, the EGW Bushing Comp has an exit hole of 0.590", which equals ~0.138" greater than bore diameter for a .45 ACP. Contrast that to a regular compensator from EGW which has an exit hole ~0.012" greater than bore diameter. Some 'smiths can hold that tolerance even tighter.

Save your pennies and buy a real barrel/comp kit.

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Rob Pincus
February 9, 1999, 04:22 PM
I have been down this road. I purchased a used one for almost nothing out of a junk bin at a gun show. I know why it was there in the first place.

I had no noticable reduction from it. Not only was the exit hole huge relative to the diameter of the bullet, but the "ports" on the top of the thing were comaparitively very narrow. I have no doubt that relatively little of the exiting gas was vented through these slots.

Conversely, I have used good compensators and definitely noticed a difference in muzzle rise and a reduced time back to target.

I have Seen one bushing comp that was more like a full size one in terms of the ports, but the exit whole dilema would still exist. These are even more expensive than the regular bushing compensators and would probably not be that much better.


George Stringer
February 10, 1999, 12:47 AM
There was a test conducted in American Handgunner several years ago comparing the recoil reduction in various compensator designs. The only bushing style tested was the Wichata Comp and when you compared the results with the costs vice the same in the threaded on versions, the Wichita seemed to be worth the investment but it really didn't do job that a threaded comp will do. None of them that I have seen will mostly for the reasons stated above but you will see some reduction in flip. George

Daniel Watters
February 10, 1999, 10:25 AM

You have to remember that the Wichita bushing comp was _HUGE_. Most of its recoil reduction benefit probably came from the sheer mass added to the end of the slide.

Wichita is still in business, but I don't see their bushing comp in the current Brownell's or Denny's catalogs.

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