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January 26, 1999, 03:59 AM

Ok, I think I posted this in the correct forum :)

Just bought a new Mossberg 500a 18.5" for home defense, etc.... This is also our first shotgun. Although I have shot a shotgun before my wife has not. Have a question about the action.

Although I can cycle the action my wife has a little trouble with it. What I notice is that it takes more effort than I remember on a friend's 500. Is this normal for a new pump gun and will it require less effort when it breaks-in?

Since it will be used for home defense my wife needs to be able to use it too. She can cycle it but I worry that in a time of need if it hangs on her, this would not be a good thing.

If it will not get easier over time is it possible to have someone work on it to make it cycle easier?

Thanks in advance for your input/suggestions.


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George Stringer
January 26, 1999, 06:28 AM
DrJon, this is probably something that will disappear with use, but a smith could do a little polishing here and there and it will be slick as a whistle. George

January 27, 1999, 12:40 AM
You might try putting on one of the aftermarket pistol grip forends. This should give a better mechanical advantge. Personally, I don't like the things. But, hey you go with what works.

January 27, 1999, 02:06 AM
Thanks for the feedback!


I figured it probably will get better with use but thought it also might just be the way a pump gun is. We will take it out and use it a bit first before talking to a local smith.


Like you, I don't care for them much but the bottom line is that she can cycle it without to much effort. So if that's what it takes then that's what we will do.

I think some of the problem she has is that it's a little intimidating for her. Once we take it out and fire it, I think she will feel better about it. Figured I would start her out with some light loads at first to get used to it. Then we can switch to the #6 or #7-1/2 home defense loads.


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Harley Nolden
January 28, 1999, 05:27 AM
You didn't mention if you cleaned it after you took it out of the box. If it is new, you'll find that a protective coating is placed on all parts. The guns sometimes sit a long time, and travel in different climates. Many times by cleaning the weapon will clear this up.


January 29, 1999, 02:28 AM

Sometimes it's the little things that get overlooked. Guess you know what I will be doing this weekend :)



January 30, 1999, 12:00 PM
Add a light coating of moly-loaded grease onto the action bars (think that's what they're called). You should notice an immediate difference. A quick run-over with some small-grit sandpaper or Dremel tool with jeweler's rouge before that certainly could only help, as well.

Moly grease can be purchased at any hardware store or large retail outlet such as K or Wal-Malmart. It provides better long-term protection between moving parts, especially if you are using a gun with a steel slide and aluminum frame. I use it on the slide rails of my pistols, and underneath the bolt rails on my SKS, as well as on the afore-mentioned bars of my M500.

February 1, 1999, 12:36 AM

Thanks! Have not tried it before but I'll check it out. Gave it a cleaning as [Harley] suggested and that did seem to help. So things are looking up :)


chris in mo
February 4, 1999, 04:29 AM
DrJohn...I bought a M 500 a couple of years ago. I would suggest lubing the action bars as mentioned and cycle the action repetedly until it loosens up. Mine is box stock and holding the gun in the strong hand and bumping the butt against my knee will open the action about 1/2 way. I know a guy that polished the action bars and a few spots inside the receiver on his 500 and he can fully cycle it open by simply giving the gun a quick jerk. It should loosen up and be very easy to cycle. My wife of 100 lbs has no problem operating mine. Chris in MO

February 5, 1999, 03:14 AM

Problem is actually when closing the action. While I had it apart to clean and lube, I noticed that it hangs when it first tries to lift the elevator. Looks like a little polishing in the contact area of the bolt slide and elevator would smooth it out. The more I cycle the action the better it gets so I will wait on the polishing until it has more use on it. Had wife try it when I got done and it was better for her too :)

With all the help/suggestions I have got from everyone here, I feel confident that the action will get dialed in over time.


chris in mo
February 5, 1999, 05:08 AM
DrJon...One more thing that I forgot. The ejector in the M 500 is held in place by a screw that holds it to the side of the receiver. Make sure this screw is tight. It may not be related, but it is a good thing to keep in mind and check periodically.

chris in mo
February 5, 1999, 05:09 AM
DrJon...One more thing that I forgot. The ejector in the M 500 is held in place by a screw that holds it to the side of the receiver. Make sure this screw is tight. It may not be related, but it is a good thing to keep in mind and check periodically.

February 9, 1999, 05:21 PM
Thanks Chris,

Checked them all when I was cleaning it.