View Full Version : Tennifer, Nitride & Friction Cfs?

January 22, 1999, 05:35 PM
Don't recall the source, but methinks the Glock Tennifer finish is actually a variant of nitride (not titanium, as it isn't gold...?). Is this true?

Have also heard that the Tennifer goes all the way into the barrel and through the bore. Is this true?

Now, assuming that whatever Tennifer is, it is hard enough to have a low coefficient of friction on itself or on most steels used in firearms manufacture.

BUT, what is the coefficient of friction for Tennifer and/or various Nitrides....with softer metals like lead?

Is there a difference which would in part account for the legendary ability of Glock barrels to lead up to the point of having bore obstructions?

Thanks, all. I'm no materials engineer, but inquiring minds want to know.

Cheapo the curious.

The Ripper Man
January 22, 1999, 07:55 PM
When I went to the Glock Armorer's school the Glock Instructor said that tenifer is applied to the slide by a chemical process and goes into the metal to a depth of 4 microns. They only do the slide and all it does is make the treated metal very strong, but also somewhat brittle. That's why it's so shallow. Then they parkerize over the top of it, that's what you see rubbing off sometimes.

January 25, 1999, 08:57 PM
Please refresh my memory on microns. Is that .0001 meter = .1 mm, or .00001 meter = .01 mm, or .000001 meter = .001 mm?

"Penetrating" the metal sounds like what's been called carburizing (sp!), done on USGI M1 & M14 receivers. That's definitely on the "hard" side of life. But the thickness described is like nitride, isn't it?

The Glock barrels I've looked at appear quite smooth and slick inside...

January 30, 1999, 11:05 PM
Yes it is a Nitriding process. Teutonic pride gets in Gastons way many times. The armorers quote the propaganda. Most are ex-cops or sales men. Nice guys though, just not technical trained or educated.


February 1, 1999, 06:53 PM
Thanks, Vinny/olegunftr! I noticed the Teutonic pride of Sir Gaston about 1994. Good to know it's not my imagination.

Ah, so nitriding penetrates the metal! I really need to read more...

Wish I knew where I heard that the bores were nitrided. Rumors, Rumors!!