View Full Version : Trilux sight & M16 mount

4V50 Gary
January 2, 1999, 03:58 PM
I bought a surplus Trilux sight (the type we use to see on the FN-FALs the Brits carried) and a M16 mount which affixes to the carrying handle.

I've checked Blake Steven's book on the FNFAL and all the external parts are there - especially on the underside of the sight. The mount unit is pretty basic and doesn't looks like the one in the book (except adapted for the M16).

Problem is that there is quite a bit of wobble when the Trilux is mounted onto its base - and this cannot be conducive to accuracy. The wobble is both up/down & left/right & slight fore/aft. This can't be normal and what am I missing?

4V50 Gary
January 6, 1999, 12:33 AM
I claim the DUH award for this one. All that was required was to lower the elevation screw so as to provide tension between the Trilux unit and the mounting base. Like I said, I get first dibs on the DUH award from TFL.


Rob Pincus
January 6, 1999, 02:03 AM
I think we have all BTDT on those type of things Gary!