View Full Version : FN-FAL ejection port

Bob Thompson
January 4, 1999, 12:09 PM
Thanks fal308 for the responce but to clarify what I meant I was refering to champhering the bottom of the port which is a structural part of the upper receiver. It is about 1/4 inch behind the chamber opening and is shaped somewhat triangular until it transfers to a champhered section that continues back about three inches. It doesn't seem like champhering this all the way forward to the barrel would hurt. I have done this on other rifles to aid in extracting loaded rounds.I hope this clarifies my question. Thanks again

Bob Thompson
January 4, 1999, 12:44 PM
Sorry about the new posting, I should have selected "response" instead. I'll get in the swing of things quickly. Bob

January 5, 1999, 12:30 PM
Just pulled one of my FNs from the safe to look. I believe you'll be okay to follow the chamfer forward about an 1/8" or along the flat edge but I wouldn't mess with the angled edge. Personally I would leave a little flat shoulder off of the angled edge for strength as that is the forwardmost portion of the right side bolt guide. Have you tried working on your ejector? Perhaps changing the angle upward a small amount may help. Anyway ejectors are cheaper to replace than the upper.