View Full Version : I fixed my Mossberg 500A

October 23, 2005, 03:14 PM
I couldn't wait for TFL to get back up and going (and thank you that made it so very much) so I could tell you about me fixing my shotgun.

The cartriage carrier didn't go all the way down so that it would load up a shell. I took it apart (without any instructions) and then put it back together again and that fixed the problem (I'm guessing that it slipped inside the bolt/bolt carrier and it wasn't going back far enough to gather the shell or release it from the two pain in the butt metal things that had claws on the ends).

To test it, I cut the top off of a bird shot shell and emptied out the shot, pulled the wad, and emptied out the powder. I went outside (with ears) and racked it, fired it, no problems what so ever.

I am still afraid to fire it full shell through, there is a piece of metal that broke off somewhere inside that I have no idea what it could be. I'm thinking that it's part of the safety since that is what broke in the first place (doesn't work). I still have alot to learn.

But basically, I am happy with myself to have the nerve and guts to go into the shotgun on my own and fix at least one problem. It felt good to get to know what I own and be able to know what goes on inside.

No real point to my post, just that I am gaining self confidence in things.

And I'm glad that TFL is back up.