View Full Version : Black Powder conversion?

December 15, 1998, 09:56 PM
Can a blackpowder revolver be converted to fire cartriges?
If so what all is involved in the process, is it practical?

4V50 Gary
December 15, 1998, 10:18 PM
Back in the '70s, a kit was being offered to convert the .36 caliber revolvers to shoot .38 S&W Special. Don't know if the kit is available anymore and suggest checking with the Cowboy Action Shooting crowd. Ask Bellicose Bill who moderates there.


Rob Pincus
December 15, 1998, 10:51 PM
Off the top of my head, if the original gun was bought OTC as a non-firearm (per BATF) it would be illegal to make such a conversion without filing the appropriate forms, paying the appropriate taxes, etc., etc.


George Stringer
December 15, 1998, 11:35 PM
Flyer you definitely need to check into the BATF regs on such a conversion. I would think that it would take a new cylinder and a hammer. I don't know what was included in the kit spoke of earlier. Sounds like an interesting project, but a cap and ball pistol can sure be a lot of fun to shoot. George

December 16, 1998, 01:18 PM
That's getting to be the big craze in CAS now. There are several outfits (Uberti, Cimarron, just to name a few) that are making/importing Colt and Remington conversion clones. They are generally well received.

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Rob Pincus
December 16, 1998, 04:48 PM
If I understand correctly, those "clone" guns are imported and sold as firearms, through FFLs, right fal?

December 16, 1998, 08:01 PM
Cimmarron Arms Co. now sells reproductions of the 1871 Richards conversion of the Colt 1851 Navy for about $549 if you want new. Gren's Custom Gun Works in Spokane, WA and R & D Gun Shop in Beloit, WI do converions of steel framed cap & ball revolvers. There is a good article in Nov/Dec 1997 Hand Gunning on cap & ball conversions. These shops should be able to fill you in on the legal side. Hope it helps.

December 17, 1998, 09:57 AM
As TMC posts above they are avialable both as a firearm and gunsmith conversions. Both SASS and CAS-City have links and info. www.sassnet.com/SASSNET and www.cascity.com/mainstreet. No matter which way you go you'll end up with a firearm and all the legalities (and responsibilities) it entails.

December 17, 1998, 05:17 PM
I had a CVA Remington .44 ball and cap revolver. It began to fall apart after only 200 rounds. I would NOT try any conversion on a CVA gun.

But maybe I received a lemon.