View Full Version : new guns for old Hi-caps ??

Rob Pincus
December 8, 1998, 04:25 PM
The following was clipped from rec.guns, and represents and interesting concpet. Anyone got any additional info?

I thought I saw a message here a few weeks ago that someone was building 1911
frames that would accept sten gun mags.

I haven't found any more information since then , but it seems like a brilliant
way around a loophople in the magazine ban : build a gun that will accept the
cheapest and most plentiful magazines available.

If true , this seems to me an act of pure genius. I'm kinda lukewarm on hi-caps
myself , but it would piss off a lot of antis , including our beloved president
, so I'm all for it.

Does anyone know more about this ?

Brian Souza


Bryan Whited
December 8, 1998, 11:53 PM
Armalite makes a rifle that does it. Their AR10 can use modified M14 mags.

December 9, 1998, 12:37 AM
cool idea! :D


Mouse Assassins inc.

Rich Lucibella
December 9, 1998, 12:56 AM
"Modified (hig cap) mags"? I've got a feeling that will land you in Club Fed as quick as home-making new ones

Rob Pincus
December 9, 1998, 01:05 AM
That is an interesting question, Rich. I am not under the impression that there is anything illegal about modifying a pre-ban hi-cap.

Example: adding a +2 floorplate to a Pre-ban Glock mag is still legal, but putting one on a Post-ban 10-rounder is not.

Furthermore, old mags can be "repaired."

The ban, as I understand it, prohibits the manufacture or importation of mags with a capacity of greater than 10 rounds for sale to "civilians". "Civilians" can still transfer and play with the old mags.

If someone has a definitive answer, please post it.