View Full Version : 1911 Hammer Fall

November 30, 1998, 09:38 AM
I ran into a new problem that I have not encountered before. During EXTREME rapid fire, this 1911 stlye gun will fail to keep the hammer cocked! Any suggestions?

Doc Lisenby
November 30, 1998, 11:59 AM
Bigun, for a start, either bend the middle leaf of the sear spring forward or replace the spring. As a retired military armorer, I have seen this which we described as "hammer follows slide forward" type malfunction. It may be caused also by the slide binding when firing rapidly due to heat which prevent incomplete retraction of the slide but this usually leads to incomplete ejection. A heavy recoil spring will cause the same symptom. If this is not a "blueprint" slabside, you may have a defective disconnector. If all else fails, take it up to George Stringer, he is just over the border in "Kaintuck". He's on every gun link, including this one. He can almost make a "ferin" "45" like a government model.

George Stringer
November 30, 1998, 08:50 PM
Big John, Doc pretty much covered it. I would suspect the sear spring as the most likely culprit. If after adjusting the sear spring it still follows, either post again or e-mail. George


November 30, 1998, 08:57 PM
Thanks Doc & George. The gun belongs to a friend and will pass this info on! Big John