View Full Version : Ruger Mark II trigger pull-How light can it go?

November 29, 1998, 11:11 AM
The subject about says it all. How light can I get the trigger pull on my KM678? I am looking for something in the 1-2 # range if possible. This gun is used for rested, scoped shooting only. Can it be done or should I forget it and scope my Hi-Standard instead? BTW, the Hi-Standard has a 1# pull and has been 100% for the 20 years I have owned it.

Harry Bonar
January 30, 2005, 04:36 PM
Dear Sir:
I always tell my customers to concentrate on learning how to pull their trigger rather than lightening it - on a 45 it's death valley with under a 4# pull!!
Not that you don't know how to correctly pull a trigger (I'm sure you do) but I just feel 1# to 2# is very light but I understand your desire.

January 31, 2005, 12:18 AM
My MkII has the adjustable target trigger too. I've studied the schematics, taken the gun apart (as far as I dare) & can't quite *see* the adjustment screw, much less figure out how to turn it. As it is, the trigger is pretty light, though I haven't put a scale to it I'd be surprised if it was as heavy as 3 pounds. I was a very inexperienced shooter when I purchased the gun 22 years ago, thought then that I'd like to lighten that pull a bit, but know now that it's as light as I'd ever want it straight from the factory.

February 8, 2005, 01:35 PM
On the 22/45 I have has the trigger down as far as 1lb. I had to do extensive work on it, adding an adjustment screw to limit take up, etc, and to shim the sides of the trigger to limit play. at 1 pound it had a propensity to double tap, so I brought it up to 3 pounds or so. I really do not think that they are meant to go this light, there is too much slop in the system for a consistant trigger pull, and the stock components are suseptable to excessive wear when stoned down to get a lighter trigger pull.

the adjustment on the trigger for these things is on the trigger itself and it needs to be removed to be adjusted. It is just to limit over travel, and is a little allen screw. it is a pain to get to and required tearing everything down.