View Full Version : Guardian Chamber/Ammo Problem

November 11, 1998, 01:41 AM
Maybe you can help me Mac, I know your company does a lot of work on Guardians. I've had one for a couple of months now and It has trouble with most of the types of ammo I've tried in it (I've tried seven different brands). Most of the rounds from various manufacturers I have tried simply will not go all the way into the chamber. The old-style, non-nickel-plated case Speer Gold Dot ammo are the only rounds I have found that will consistently fit into its chamber(The new nickel-plated case Gold Dots don't fit). The chamber appears to be machined too small. Is this a common problem with the Guardian? I have also been wanting to get the Novak night sights installed on it, but I do not want to wait to send the pistol in until NAA starts doing the custom work and I don't want to have to send it to two different places. Would you guys charge me much to take care of this problem if I sent the gun to you to have the night sites installed? [email protected]

Mac Scott
November 12, 1998, 02:21 AM
Hi Eric,

Your chamber problem with the NAA Guardian seems to be a fairly isolated one. We've had a great many Guardians through our shop by now and I've yet to run across one that exhibits the problems you've elicited. Frankly, were it mine, I'd send it back to NAA with a note to Ken Friel, their General Manager, politely explaining the problem and soliciting their assistance. NAA seems to bend over backwards to resolve QC issues; I'd be amazed if they didn't take care of your problem in record time.

AS for NAA coming out with Novak sights or something similar as an option, I suppose it's possible --- however, judging from the number of guns they're currently referring to us for this work, including some of their own, I don't see it as being a likely NAA option in the near future.