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October 23, 1998, 10:52 AM
Here is a wildcat Idea - dont know of any one who has tried this yet:

Take the case of the .50AE - the Desert Eagle 50 cartridge, and neck that down .45 caliber.

.40 OGRE : same as the .45 OGRE but necked down to .40 caliber.

I would estimate the .45 OGRE load to have about the same or better than a bison gun. probably good for handgun hunting african predators. Loaded in a bulked up Carbine form the ballistics would be much better.
The .40 OGRE would be great as a long range siluette shooter. The desert eagle isn't the only pistol that could handle these rounds. Lot of flexability there as to applications.

October 30, 1998, 10:29 PM
Corbon is loading ammunition currently for a 44 mag necked down to .40. Is that close enough for ya?
(I have been led to believe, after enthusiastically waxing gleeful over things like the .45 ACP or Super necked down to .355 [9 mm] that there can be some negative effects of too sharp a shoulder angle on handgun cartridges. If that is the case, perhaps the .45-70 cartridge would serve better as a base platform for necking down to .40 than the .50 AE? Of course, I believe J.D. already has a whole family based on .45-70 brass...)

October 31, 1998, 01:25 AM
Yeah, but they can't fit in a pistol... thats the idea.
If length was no object I would like to see a .600 Nitro Express necked down to 7.62MM! http://www.thefiringline.com/ubb/smile.gif Call it the 7MM Monster...

The point of these? To be over the top... Call them Extreme Wildcats... Why? We dont need them - but we may WANT them.

October 31, 1998, 02:12 AM
Desert Eagle has a 50 AE case necked to a .44
I forget what its called. It is offered in thier line of pistols.

wouldnt be much diference between .44 and .45 I wouldnt think....40 would bookit though.

There is also a .44 mag necked to .357, semi populer T/C contender round.

And what about the .357 sig? A 10mm case necked to .357...that is supposed to be a pretty powerfull round, I'm considering getting a barrel from Jarvis for my USP to give it a go-round.

But on the end of extreme wildcats...I think if you neck a 700 Nitro Express case down to .17 and put it in a pistol you'd be pretty happy with yourself http://www.thefiringline.com/ubb/wink.gif

October 31, 1998, 06:18 PM
A 50 BMG necked down to a 30 cal shooting 220 grn Sierra Matchkings?

October 31, 1998, 11:19 PM
By George, I think they've got it!


Remember - the bigger hammer wins!

Rob Pincus
October 31, 1998, 11:24 PM
SD- .357 sig is 40 S&W case necked to .357, But, you made my mind start thinking... Why not a full size 10mm necked down? perhaps to a 32???

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November 2, 1998, 06:15 PM
Use a 9x25mm (10mm necked down to 9)...
I hear AMT has made their DAO backup in them!

Rob Pincus
November 2, 1998, 06:39 PM
Is that called 9x25 Dillon, or something like that, Spectre?

November 8, 1998, 03:14 PM
Yup...but the AMT would be special order. (But they've done it before, so I'm sure they'd do it again. :))

I could really see a 9x25mm AMT longslide. Yummy.

November 9, 1998, 11:00 AM
The problem with using an AMT is that some aftermarket parts are next to impossible to get. I know someone who waited for over 3 years while AMT got enough orders to run a batch of barrels in .45 ACP. He had to go factory b/c there were no aftermarket barrels. All of the other non-factory parts were custom made also.

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November 11, 1998, 02:03 AM
Shaded Dude, the .50AE round you are referring to is made by Cor-Bon and is called the 440 Magnum. Another couple of nasty newcomers are made by SSK. They have two rounds out called Woodwalkers, the 40-44 and the 40-454. They are a .44 Magnum necked down to .40, and a .454 Cassull necked down to .40, respectively. The specs on the .40-454 were astounding. I've heard of T/C Contender barrels in both calibers, but I don't know if anyone else is doing anything with them yet. Iwould love to see a Raging Bull chambered in the 40-454 Woodwalker...Eric

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