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November 8, 1998, 07:13 PM
I am looking for a good gunsmith to do some work on my FR8 Spanish Mauser. Specifically, I plan on installing a "Scout" forward scope mount, having the bolt bent, and having one of the replacement Mauser triggers installed. If any of you gentlemen do this type of thing, I would appreciate hearing from you @ [email protected] Seeing that I'm a gun nut, there are of course some other guns I plan to have worked on soon, as well. :)

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Mac Scott
November 9, 1998, 01:54 AM
So far, Spectre, only 'smith-types I've seen lurking around here are pistolsmiths. Would be real interested to see if anyone responds to your query...or if anyone has any KNOWN AND RESPONSIBLE referrals for you.

Frankly, my shop is always looking for decent rifle and shotgun 'smiths to whom we can refer work. Good luck on your quest...if anyone worth a hoot pops up, please let us all know if he does so privately.



Mac Scott
Scott, McDougall & Assoc.

George Stringer
November 9, 1998, 08:28 AM
Spectre, I do a lot of rifle work and have been sporterizing/customizing Mausers since I started 23 years ago. I can reforge your present bolt handle or weld a new one. You can e-mail me [email protected] if you would like to discuss it. George

Rich Lucibella
November 9, 1998, 10:34 AM
Spectre; George-
By all means handle the business end in private. But *please* give us the benefit of the project's progress if you move forward. Your collective reasoning and decisions, in addition to a Spectre review of the results are most welcome.
Rich Lucibella

Harry Bonar
January 20, 2005, 05:37 PM
I've used many FR-8s' for rebilding. On the outside they are VERY SOFT (I had one brought in a guy lost his cool with and wrapped it around a post - bent the action behind the ring at about 20 degrees. I thought it was lost), but I sawe that there was no crack and judiciously straightened it, put a 25-06 bbl. on it and AOK!
Mauser actions like this were evidently hardened by induction inside the reciever ring with carburizing compound (carbon) and left soft outside as I have never had set-back with an FR-8!.
Yours ought to work good in the scout mode; I think they're pretty good Mausers and I also do the Turkish 38s'.
Just check the bolt closing (don't want to feel a bump (set-back) and be sure to check headspace. I really like Boyd Stocks.