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November 2, 1998, 06:21 PM
I have a handgun that unfortunately sat in a holster for a whole week during deer season after seeing some snow. Needless to say, the snow melted and pooled on the cylinder and at the end of the barrel and formed rust spots. Now my revolver has some really bad looking spots where I carefully steel wooled and tried to cover with 44-40 bluing.

What options do I have to take care of the problem? I've thought about taking to a gunsmith to have the gun refinished, but am afraid to find out the cost! I've been careful since, and rust has not reformed but I don't like how it looks. Any ideas? Does anybody know how much it would cost to have it refinished?


Rob Pincus
November 2, 1998, 06:37 PM
I think you should have it dipped in RealTree Advantage (that'll be $200 -your Firing line discount, okay $185..please.)

But, if you insist on having it hot blued, I got a M29 8&3/8ths done for about $50.00 last year. Great job, really deep Blue.

4V50 Gary
November 2, 1998, 09:09 PM

Your gun will continue to look the way it is until you reblue it. My standards are low for a working gun and I'll let it get real scratched up before I reblue it.

If you can't live with it, take an NRA class in gun bluing. You pay minimal fees and learn a new job skill. If you can't attend, try writing the school and ask them how much they would charge to have a high gloss polish and blue. Schools generally have their own FFL and can have it shipped to them. They may be cheaper than the factory.

Taking the class is fun and saves you $$$. Everytime I go to school, I bring a load of guns which need refinishing and work on them during lunch. Your buddies will love you.

November 4, 1998, 04:06 PM
A blued firearm has very little protection against rust. The finish is mostly cosmetic as you found out. Blued firearms require alot of care to avoid rust in humid situations. I would leave it alone and let it be a reminder a a great trip and a lesson in gun care. I don't mind using guns picking up some dings etc. If you are going to refinish it, use something like electroless nickel, chrome, armaloy etc. etc. Even the old time parkarized finish is much more rust resistant than blue. A good blue job is not cheap and a cheap one will round off the shart edges, smear the lettering, and dish out screw holes on your pistol. Forget it and learn to live with it.

November 4, 1998, 07:54 PM
Thanks for all the advice! :-)

Gary where does the NRA have the classes? Do
they have any in Texas? I'd be interested
just for the fun of it!


Rich Lucibella
November 4, 1998, 08:35 PM
Go to our Links...that why we put 'em up. There's a link to the NRA webpage in there.
If you take the course, reviews are always welcome.

November 7, 1998, 08:40 PM
Thanks Rich!

I'm still trying to find my way around here, there's so much good stuff I still haven't been able to check everything out! I'll have to check the "links" out this evening...

Plainsman :-)

4V50 Gary
November 8, 1998, 01:05 AM

When you get to the NRA links, you'll find that there's no school in TX, but there's one in OK. Check it out.