View Full Version : AR-15 Buffer

Mike Baugh
November 4, 1998, 02:36 PM
My new Colt has a plastic buffer with a steel insert instead of an aluminum model , should I replace it with an aluminum model . I read in the past where a company had made some plastic ones for the government but they were prone to breaking . Thanks , Mike...

November 4, 1998, 02:53 PM
Colt says that that's an improved buffer and is being used in all their new rifles. If it were mine I'd shoot it for a while. My .02.

4V50 Gary
November 4, 1998, 11:13 PM
I concur with motorep. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Buffer weights are engineered to deliver a certain bolt carrier speed. Too light and the bolt may travel too fast (accelerated wear?). Too heavy and it may be unreliable. Test it out with various ammunition and if it works with the ammo you're going to be shooting most of the time, then buy ammo, not buffers.