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October 20, 1998, 04:03 PM
When it came to getting sights on my guns I took my gunsmith's recommendation. I am happy with my sights but I was wondering what sights everyone has and what they like about them. On my 70 series I have bo-mars and on my Commander and hi-power I have Novak low mounts with a night sight in front.

October 20, 1998, 10:34 PM
The brand is not that big of a deal... as long as they are good quality and mounted right. The most impportant thing is to have tritium insert in them. Night sights are in my opinion critical. Most shooting seem to happen in less than ideal lighting conditions. It is more important to spend your dollars on these than that trigger job, if you know what I mean.

Rob Pincus
October 20, 1998, 10:53 PM
I can concur with Kod on that. I am a point shooter at heart, but I don't go so far as to advocate getting rid of your sights, except maybe on a .22 that you use for practice.. but I digress, anyway. Tritium is the was to go, I am a big fan of low-mount type sites, for easy carry and presentation.

Rich Lucibella
October 20, 1998, 10:57 PM
I'm with you, Donna. For the 1911 design, Novak low mounts with tritium inserts.

In addition to target acquisition issues, they save your hands on speed loads and stovepipe "wipes" in a manner that Glock rear sight makers have yet to understand.

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George Stringer
October 20, 1998, 11:30 PM
I install just about all types. Novaks are very good for carry guns, but when it comes to competition or a gun that will be shot several thousand times a year I would recommend Bo-Mar. They have proven themselves the strongest on the market so far. George

Mac Scott
October 21, 1998, 12:52 PM
You might get some argument there, George, if you're saying that a BoMar rear sight is stronger than a Novak. I've dealt with one or two of both of these in my time and have always been of the opinion that the Novak, being machined from a single block of steel, is a lot more rugged than something with hinges, pins, springs and screws contained therein. http://www.thefiringline.com/ubb/wink.gif


Anthony L
October 21, 1998, 01:55 PM
BoMar is great because it is adjustable.
Period. Definately not as strong as a fixed sight.

I have used almost all of the good 1911 sights. My fave is by far the Heinie design.


similar sight picture as my BoMar, NO SNAG,
and can be used to do the "one handed" malfunction drill with the rear blade.

I love em'

Mac-do these retrofit to the Defender/CCO?

Mac Scott
October 21, 1998, 06:02 PM
Only retrofittable Defender sight that I'm aware of is one being made by Wayne Novak. Still ugly as sin, but a bit better than that Ira Kaye monstrosity on the Def/CCO.

Rumor's afoot that Colt might offer the Defender sans-sights, which would make some of us happy.


Rosco Benson
October 21, 1998, 06:31 PM
I've got to agree with Anthony, the Heinie fixed low-mounts are great on a 1911 or P-35. Novaks are nice too (the low-mounts only...the Novak dovetail-mounts look like unsightly warts). The Bomar BMCS (or BMCS-2 if one needs a slightly higher, but still low-mounted installation) are the only game in town for adjustables.

Heinie seems to be pandering to the Novak crowd with his new Slant-Pro sights. They look pretty nice in the photos, but they can possibly give as nice a sight picture as his standard ones.

Heinie's dovetail-mount sight is my choice to replace the Glock's plastic sights...especially in his "straight-eight" night-sight configuration.


Anthony L
October 22, 1998, 12:52 AM
Has anyone seen the Wilson adjustable?

I have seen some pics and it looks like a better way to install a sight. Also nicely CNC machined, deburred, and matte finished.

My CCO arrives this weekend, so I will see if the Heinies fit. I am pretty sure they do, having seen a Defender in Handgunning retofitted with Slant pros. At least the rear
is the same.

Mac Scott
October 22, 1998, 09:03 AM

Please be sure to let us know if the new Heinie rear sight fits your Defender. I was unaware that he'd geared up to make a sight to fit that godawful cut; if he has, that's very good news indeed.



chris in mo
October 28, 1998, 03:03 AM
Anthony.....I saw the same article with the Heinie slant pro on the Defender. The article said that the sight fit right into the new cut on the Colt slide. The Slant pro is supposed to fit the same slide cut as the original Heinie sight so they should fit the Defender as a drop in part. Mac I don't think it was Heinie changing his dovetail for the new Colts, it appears that they just got smart and used the same cut required to mount a Heinie sight. Good thing too because the new style Colt sights that come on those guns are Butt Ugly! Chris in MO

Mac Scott
October 28, 1998, 11:24 AM
Gotta admit to not a whole lot of experience with Heinie's sights, but do know that the rear sight on the Defender and C.C.O. is an Ira Kaye-designed monstrosity that I seriously thought had its own weird dovetail cuts. While vaguely similar, I don't believe the two are interchangeable. Why anyone, either Kaye or Heinie, would create such a hogged-out design is way beyond my limited comprehension. http://www.thefiringline.com/ubb/wink.gif

Rumor has it that Colt's received so many grumblings about this rear sight design that they're contemplating offering the Defender and C.C.O. slides on an "uncut" basis. Then again, this makes sense, so we probably won't see it happen.

Matt K
November 2, 1998, 08:20 PM
On my carry guns (glock) I am using PT box bar. The rear tritium is a 3 sided box just like the glock factory sights. For my limited gun I use JP Double rings. Very happy with both for their intended uses

Matt K

Anthony L
November 2, 1998, 09:23 PM
Update on sights for CCO.

Well, since I had a set of Tritium Heinie GM sights laying around I BOUGHT a CCO.

Great Gun.Best Colt I have ever had. The Heinies do not fit. The dovetail IS different. (its a Colt, I should have known)

A frantic call to Heinies revealed that the sight in the magazine was a -prototype-, and they will have Defender/CCO sights out after the first of the year (and for Kimbers too).

Ok no problem. I ordered a Novak. It would not fit in the dovetail. Not truly drop in.
The C-more sight is hokey-but the sight picture is darn good, and IMHO better than the Novak, and hits point of aim.

I will wait for Heinie's drop in with Tritium before I go changing.

Anyone need Heinies with Tritium for a GM?
Or a Novak for a Defender/CCO?

I00 bicks for the pair!!
(Now thats a bargain)

Mac-you really should offer the Heinies on some of your jobs. They are awesome sights.
Very elegant, excellent sight picture, and well made.

Mac Scott
November 3, 1998, 12:16 AM

We've dinked around with the Heinies a bit; my partner agrees with you 100% as to their usefulness. We offer them to any customer who requests them, but don't list them in our catalog. This may change.

BTW, ain't hardly nuttin' in this world that's worth a darn that installs on a gun without some fitting. http://www.thefiringline.com/ubb/smile.gif


4V50 Gary
November 3, 1998, 10:51 AM
Yep, aftermarket drop-ins are slop-ins.

November 4, 1998, 03:56 PM
I have used many of the sights mentioned, but far and away my favorite is the Ashley Express sights. Ashley Emerson late of MMC and now of Ashley Enterprises designed these pistol combat sights after the old British Express sights used for dangerous game up close. They are the quickest and best combat hangun sights I have ever used. They are not target grade but good enough for head shots at 50 yards..that is good enough for me. For tritium fans, you can get a big tritium front dot. They really are a superior combat pistol sight. They are tough, rugged, quick as lightning and plenty accurate for their intended use. Don't leave home without them.