View Full Version : Internal Parts Re-Finishing

Steve Koski
November 2, 1998, 02:14 PM
After doing some polishing on some Ruger 10-22 trigger group parts I'm wondering what action to take. I've removed the black coating from the sides of some of the parts. Should I attempt to re-finish these somehow? If so, what do you recommend? If not should I just wipe them down with an oily rag and install them, or should I just put them in dry?

November 2, 1998, 04:44 PM
There are several different things you can do here. Refinishing is an option, but not the most economical one...
Try one of the many solutions aout there that will put a barrier/lubricant over the parts but is resistant to collecting debris/dirt. Look for one that leaves a dry film. My local shop has a new one that leaves a "Molly" coating. That would be good, but I havn't tried it yet.