View Full Version : Rust on Benelli Super Eagle

4V50 Gary
November 2, 1998, 09:25 AM
I've got a Benelli Super Eagle which I was cleaning yesterday. I noticed a reddish color rub off on my patches when I wiped it down to clean it with Hoppe's solvent. Allowing it to dry, I proceeded to wipe it with patches soaked with BreakFree CLP. More reddish stuff. Continued wiping it until it was plain old gray.

I keep plenty of dessicant in the safe and dry it out annually. Almost all my firearms are treated with BreakFree.

The Super Eagle does not have any pitting and it's the only gun I have which will do this. Was there a problem with the neutralizer solution after the gun was pulled from the salt baths? Any ideas out there?

Rob Pincus
November 2, 1998, 12:11 PM
My Benelli bleeds too. I notice it when I wipe it down. I wouldn't go as far as to say that I actually "clean" it. Although it was left out in the rain back in september, onceI shook all the water out and fired it a few times you would never have known though.

My Benelli has been abused, it is kinda like a long term research project entitled "How much neglect and shooting can a Benelli take?" there is some real rust on the Rib, nothing a wire brush wouldn't get rid of, but no pitting anywhere. IME, the guns are incredibly durable. I may not be keeping my Benelli like a show piece, but even if I was treating it normally, I wouldn't wory about the Benelli Bleed, it happens to a bunch of guys I know.