View Full Version : Jarvis Barrels to convert Glock 10mm to 40 S&W

October 21, 1998, 10:46 PM
I'm considering a 40 S&W barrel for my 10 mm Glock M20. Jarvis makes one. Is there much fitting required for a Jarvis barrel and how good are they?

Mac Scott
October 22, 1998, 09:06 AM
FWIW, although we have no direct experience with the particular barrel combination to which you refer, we've generally found Jarvis' barrels to be of exceptional quality and finish. Fitting difficulty, of course, varies with gun and type. Those we've fitted have pretty much required minimal fitting, however.


Rob Pincus
October 22, 1998, 09:55 AM
hmmm, most Glock aftermarket barrels are drop in affairs. I assume that the Jarvis would be the same.

Mac Scott
October 22, 1998, 11:48 AM
Hmmmm back. I learned a long time ago that most things that're claimed to be a "drop-in fit" aren't. There are always exceptions, but it's better to be prepared for some fitting on any decent match-grade barrel.

Jim Holmes
October 29, 1998, 01:07 AM
I've purchase Jarvis drop in barrels, and they do fit just fine. he sells two types of barrels, those that are drop in and those that need fitting.

4V50 Gary
November 2, 1998, 09:37 AM
Besides Jarvis does anybody else make a quality 40 S&W barrel for the Glock 20?