View Full Version : New Holster For My Glock!

October 17, 2005, 10:38 PM
Hi Everyone
You know how we all accumulate so many holsters over the years and when we stop and think about it we really only use a fraction of them on a regular basis. One of my dresser drawers is the "graveyard' to those rigs that looked so promising but turned out to be less than satisfactory. So, when I recently saw a new offering from Galco in the 1st Freedom magazine (NRA MAG) I thought gee it looks good and the price is right,under $30.00 so I ordered it. It is the MATRIX from Galco a KYDEX rig that "looks like leather". I got the one that snaps onto your belt. You know what? It is like my favorite holster for my Glock27. It has the FBI cant and holds the weapon close to the body. It is comfortable and secures the weapon well. It requires a good pull similiar to a Fobus to clear the gun from the holster. It disappears under a loose fitting untucked Golf shirt or similiar shirt. I wear mine at the 3to4 o'clock.The Galco web site shows a paddle version and you may have to call to get the belt snap version. And no I DO NOT have stock in Galco. LOL