View Full Version : Building an AK

Phil Griffin
October 21, 1998, 09:49 PM
I have a preban MAADI barreled reciever & am interested in building up a rifle. I have several questions. (1) How does one remove & re-install the front wood? (2) How difficult is it for a (somewhat handy) gun building novice to install a Krinkov type fold-around stock on a reciever which was made for a solid wooden stock? (3) Parts & information??? Thanks...

October 22, 1998, 09:23 PM
To remove pull up on lever on side of rear sight pin is flat on one side. pull up on gas tube. the flat side should be vertical to clear rear of gas tube. Once tube is off look at front of lower hand guard. There is a small lever pull it up(its stiff)might have to pry it. slide metal peice foreward on barrel. pull hand guard foreward and off. The east german side folding stock mounts to reciver with no modifacations. Dont know about krinkov stock. klashnikov.com (not spelled right) check ak-47 on browser for other sights. for parts check shot gun news

October 23, 1998, 09:00 AM
Phil, in Shotgun News I saw a kit for the AK... for a 10 inch barrel version. That would be WAY COOL. The only place I know that you could take to to shoot it would be the annual "Desert Blast" in Nevada. Hey, the 10 inch kit would make an ANGRY Bullpup!
You should think about that Rob - you have a Bullpup kit.