View Full Version : 10mm Customs ...STI components.

October 12, 1998, 02:51 AM
I have ordered a STI frame and fully supported barrel in 10mm and being in SA ..also 3 x 15 round mags. This is a for a carry gun being built for me ..... my worry ....how good is STI components and are there any better options in the above......

Your comments would be appreciated.


Mac Scott
October 12, 1998, 04:11 AM

STI has a pretty good reputation in the 1911 component market. I've seen them used mainly in competition guns, which I've kinda been out of for several years, but the folks I know who build guns based on STI components haven't been heard to squawk too much about them.

I would think that a fifteen-round 10mm oughtta do the job....providing you really wind up regularly carrying it. Sounds like a pretty heavy gun for daily CCW use but, then again, I've been told that I've become kind of a wimp in that regard (grin).


Rob Pincus
October 13, 1998, 09:37 PM
STI is great company, perhaps the best indication that they are still in the running and possibly leading the custom 1911 market is that I believe they were chosen as the parts supplier for the latest version of the .224 BOZ project by CDS.

Good Luck!