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October 5, 2005, 01:58 PM
Can anyone give me any info for either Ben Avery range or (preferably) Usery Pass range, where I can use my M1a as a competition rifle? Can I play in the same group as the AR-15 guys? My dad has an AR and it might be fun to see who outshoots who in competition...

I want to put a fairly high-powered scope on my M1a. right now I shoot it with iron sights and at 100 yards I keep my groups in a 2-3 inch radius. I have a cheapie Swift 4-12x40 that is lying around right now, I am thinking a Shepherd maybe next summer... Can I use full-powered optics like that in competition, or do I need to look more at the smaller, quicker aquisition less magnification scopes?

I'm a total newbie to competition...All info is appreciated.

October 5, 2005, 02:52 PM
You can shoot in any Highpower rifle event. If you want to be in the Service Rifle category, the external profile has to be GI (the scout, bush and socom models would not be in the Service Rifle category). That just means you're scored against the guys with bolt guns and space guns.

Highpower is iron sights only (except in the few events that allow you to shoot under F-class rules--then you can use scopes, training wheels or whatever else you feel like attaching to the rifle).

Course of fire on the full distance is:
Offhand, 200yds, 1 minute per round (10 or 20rds)
Standing to sitting rapid fire, 200yds, 2 + 8 shots in 60 seconds (you are required to do a magazine change)
Standing to prone rapid fire, 300yds, 2 + 8 shots in 70 seconds
Prone slowfire, 600yds, 20 minutes for 20 shots.

Many matches use reduced scale targets because they don't have 600yds.


AZ Jeff
October 5, 2005, 02:54 PM
Here is everything you ever wanted to know about shooting rifle competition in AZ:


If you have an M1A, you are probably best off using that rifle in "service rifle" matches. Those allow only iron sights, but the rifle is well-suited for the job. Here is link for that:


or this one:

AZ Jeff
October 5, 2005, 02:58 PM
A high power "clinic" is scheduled at Rio Salado for 23 Oct. Here is a link:


This might be a good way to get your feet wet without drowning, so to speak.!!!!

See you at the range..............