View Full Version : bbl change on Savage 110/111!

Harry Bonar
October 4, 2005, 06:26 PM
I finally did it - changed an Adams & Bennet 416 Taylor bbl on my 300 Mag, Savage 111!
It was very simple, and if you insert the 416 Taylor cartridges into the magazine (300 Win Mag) by sliding them back from the front it works beautifully!
But, as in former posts and replies to various posts, let me substatiate my experience on bolt actions: Taking off the bbl with the right wrench was elementary! Just break loose the "nut" and it just unscrews! The same with installation - inset the headspace gauge (.220) and screw the action on until you feel it and tighten the nut with a smart blow with a lead hammer!! Works great -- BUT, you wouldn't believe the lug bearing.
The only lug bearing there was was at in inner shoulders, none out on the lug recesses. This was easilly corrected by judicious laping till I had FULL bearing on both lugs.
Savage has a "floating" bolt head; it is supposed to bear even if there is a slight axial machining tolerance. No, there was no danger since I'm sure when the 300 Mag went off they both bore! But, it did not show it on the lugs or recesses! I am firmly convinced that this lug seating is necessary on EVERY bolt action rifle! I've said before - most factory rifles won't bear on but one lug - this gives testimony to our modern steels. Of course, in time all rifles will "seat" the lugs.
This Savage has a plastic stock, pillar bedded.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I haven't shot it yet! :p
Harry B.