View Full Version : Impressions of the Maxpedition Jumbo Fatboy Versipack!

September 29, 2005, 10:38 AM
Not long ago I became interested in Maxpedition products and did some research on them. The concensus seemed to be that they were well made, quality products. Also, not long ago, Maxpedition came out with a new product, the Jumbo Fatboy Versipack, which was their first effort at producing a pack that would also serve as a platform for concealed carry. Once again, I was interested and ordered one.


The Jumbo is exceedlingy well made with very tight and uniform stitching on all the seams. To look at the details I direct you to the following URL:


I also purchased a velcro holster which serves as a "one size fits all" piece of equipment and, while I am not particularly fond of it, it fulfills the purpose of solidly anchoring (via velcro) the gun (S&W 686P "snubby") in the concealment compartment. This is not a fast draw piece of equipment and is not intended to be such. However, it does provide a highly useful platform for carrying a lot of "stuff" and providing functional concealed carry. It sure meets my needs well.

I purchased the pack through K5 Tactical (www.k5tactical.com) and am very, very happy with the service I received. The price was lower than than of the Maxpedition site and Eddie Killian of K5 went above and beyond the call in providing customer service. Based on this experience I will look forward to doing business with K5 again in the future.