View Full Version : burris 4-12x32 RA vs leupold vxII 3-9x33 rimfire efr

September 28, 2005, 05:01 AM

I am looking for a new scope for my 22RF. I have narrowed it down too either of these adjustable objective scopes :
* burris 4-12x32 RA (fine plex with turrets, or bal plex without turrets)
* leupold vxII 3-9x33 efr rimfire (fine duplex)

I would appreciate any comments on
* the quality of either scope
* how easy is it to accidently turn the turrets, eg. while hunting?
* or suggestions of something similar that I might have missed.

Primarily I use it on the range, with occasional hunting. Spending more for better quality is fine, but I haven't found any 'higher' models of interest yet.

Thanks for your help.