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September 26, 2005, 01:02 AM

I recently got this old colt DA 41, 'army special' ?

Is there still parts available for this ? I've heard about some other model's parts fitting these ?

Is it 41 long colt ? 41 short colt ? 41 colt ?

Can anyone help????????????

September 26, 2005, 05:40 AM
Check these folks out. They have a few parts in I believe if the model was what I typed in to check on it.

James K
September 27, 2005, 12:08 PM
Interesting collector piece, but those guns are out of the shooting category both because .41 Colt ammo is almost unobtainable and because most are well worn and badly out of time. Some parts are available, but there are three timing points and it is a bear to get them right, plus there are small leaf springs that frequently break. One of the worst areas is the cylinder latch, which also serves to stop cylinder backlash. The ones that aren't badly worn have usually been hacked up, and they are not obtainable. The other weak point is the ratchet; a few are available for the .32-20, but they will not interchange with the ones for .38 and .41, having a different size hole and different threads. Hands are scarce, but they at least can be made from later model hands.

BTW, it is the Colt New Army Model (probably the 1894 model), not the Army Special, which is a later gun. It is the civilian version of the .38 caliber military revolvers used by the Army and Navy in the 1890s and later. The 3 inch barrel is scarce. The grips are not correct for a civilian gun; the originals would have been hard rubber. Those are probably modified military wood grips put on by a previous owner.

The ammunition is .41 Colt, sometimes called the .41 Long Colt. (The old .41 Short is long obsolete.) It is not the same as the .41 Magnum. Ammo is scarce and hard to get, and there are no cases it can be made from. You might try www.ultramaxammunition.com where it is listed but doesn't seem to be on their order list. You might try calling them.