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September 22, 2005, 09:16 PM
Looking at picking up a KAHR :) in 9mm for carry, but not sure the difference in the different models. Picking them up side by side the hard to decide between the T9 and the CW9. CW9 seems to be about $100 cheaper, is it worth having the extra weight with stainless frame over polymer?

I already have a G26, Sig 239, Bersa .380 and Taurus 85 for carry, but wanting to add to the collection and want to stick with 9mm.

September 22, 2005, 10:44 PM
I currently own the following Kahrs:

P9 Covert

I used to own:

K9 Elite 98 (traded it for an XD-9 b/c extra capacity)

So, I have had experience with both polymer and steel Kahrs. With 9mm, I don't see any advantage to steel if you plan to carry the gun. The polymer 9mm Kahrs are very forgiving recoil-wise, especially if you put an AGrip or Hogue Handall Jr. grip sleeve on it.

I carry my Covert in my pocket. The Covert has the short grip butt like the PM9, but the slide of the P9.

The new CW9 is an economy version of, and the same size as, the P9. See Kahr's website for the differences between CW9 and P9.

The T9 is a steel gun, and the largest 9mm Kahr makes. It's polymer brother is the TP9, Kahr's largest polymer 9mm.

The PM9 is the smallest polymer 9mm from Kahr. It is about an inch shorter than my P9 Covert, and has a different recoil system (Seecamp double spring vs. traditional). They hold the same number of rounds (6+1) because they have the same grip.

I would say if you are looking for a pocket Kahr 9mm, get a PM9 or P9 Covert. My Covert is accurate and reliable with a smooth trigger. And it's fun to practice with, unlike some other pocket guns.

September 23, 2005, 12:32 AM
One thing to keep in mind if you're considering the short-gripped Kahrs (MK9, PM9, P9 Covert) is that Kahrs get quite a bit of muzzle flip, which is exacerbated when you can't get all your fingers on the grip. For me, the P9 is an order of magnitude easier to shoot than the PM9.

I would recommend the CW9 over the T9 for concealed carry, since the CW9 is a lot lighter and can fit it in a pocket (albeit tightly) if need be. I own a PM9 and P9 (the pricier version of the CW9) and think that the P9 finds the perfect balance between size, capacity, power, and shootability.

Some say that the polymer Kahrs experience more problems than their steel counterparts. I can't comment on that, having owned only polymer Kahrs. The PM9 has worked perfectly, save for one FTE that I suspect was caused by a combination of low-powered practice ammo, underlubricated gun, and limpwristing. The P9 started getting extraction and ejection problems at around 300 rounds and is currently back at the factory. That being said, Kahr's customer service is superb and I would not hesitate to buy any of their firearms.

September 23, 2005, 07:30 AM
Thanks for the help. I checked out their site and read the reviews, but like most reviews almost all positive. I was hoping to get my hands on some "honest" feedback from actual users, not the glowing write ups from guys who received a free gun...

September 23, 2005, 08:23 AM
I have a MK9 and love it - have had it for about 3 months - put about 700 rounds through it so far - zero problems! great gun- good luck

September 23, 2005, 12:29 PM
Logs ---

Real world feed back on the Kahr --- they can be horid, my MK9 sure was and the company support and position on the wepon stinks as well, you list many fine guns you already have, I'd enjoy them or look elsewhere to quench your desire. If one were looking for a project at a few hundred dollars maybe Kahr woudl make sense, but at their new price and with their problems they are worthless to defend yourself with and poor value to highway robbery.

In brief my problems with Kahr

1. Inital quality poor for the price --- burrs inside gun, grainy finish on exterior, buggered grip screw.

2. The insist on a break in period -- ought to be called a wear in period, they are asking you to wear the pistol to the point that it works, while I test any gun I buy and generally have fun shooting it and getting to know it, I expect a gun to work well +/- maybe 10% out of the box and for this to get better / resolve if there are any glitches in the first several hundred rounds as parts seat themselves. My MK FTF'd once or more per mag past their break in period and it did not even raise an eyebrow at Kahr --- they siad shoot it more --- BS in my book, some have them, like them and they work for some folks, I tried everything and the gun did not work and they siad jsut keep shooting it will sort it's self out --- they ought to have done that in the factory with CNC machines and all that to put the finish and tolerances on parts to work off the bat.

3. When the gun was returned to them they polished various parts of it shot the heck out of it and returned it to me stinking dirty --- great customer service there --- I would nto ahve been offended if they had only hit it with spray action cleaner and re-lubed but NO zero nada effort put to putting gun even close to the way it was sent to them or in a respectable condition to return to a CUSTOMER.

4. Gun was slightly better but by no means fixed and some issues --- the previously mentioned buggered grip screw were not fixed by factory. At under 1000 rounds peening and a visable gap was noted at the foreward barrel hood area and I bagged it, traded it in and never looked back. It's my humble ignorant backseat engineer / gun smith opinion that the Kahr design is reasonable but the execution stinks, the quality of the machine work stinks, their finish in areas that are critical --- like the bearing surfaces of the barrel sucks and probibly contributes to failure and the need for break in --- i.e. wearing it smooth --- show me another maker that bead blasts the bearing sliding surface of a auto barrel? Plus the barrel lock up area looks inadequate especally when compared with other makers service caliber wepons.

Sorry to be so negative, I honestly wished the Kahr was something it was not --- reliable and usable because it would be a great thing if it were, but sadly it is not and the company and their service department stink.

September 23, 2005, 03:43 PM
I've owned a MK9 for several years that has been 100% reliable and very accurate for a gun its size. It is my usual carry gun.

Tried a PM9 for a while, it was OK, but I prefer the feel of the steel framed MK9.

September 23, 2005, 06:40 PM
While every manufacturer produces a few lemons, my experience so far with 3 different Kahrs has been outstanding from a reliability standpoint.

September 23, 2005, 09:18 PM
Love my P9. For me the trigger is far superior than any other DAO gun I've fired. More accurate than it needs to be. Stainless and polymer so it won't rust. The recoil can be "snappy" because of the light weight but easily manageable. They werent meant to be plinkers. They were designed for everyday light weight concealed carry and they fill that niche very nice. I have carried mine all summer with no problems. When it cools off I will go to my Kimber.